Facilities Available.

Following facilities are available in Asha School Pathankot:-



    A well-equipped Physiotherapy Room is available in the School. For       children suffering from cerebral palsy, physiotherapy is essential in helping to reduce spasticity and deformity, improving postural control, teaching children how to use assistive devices and doing all that is necessary to maximize the child’s functional independence.




All weather Hydrotherapy Room offers tangible benefits to the health and         well being of children with a range of disabilities and health conditions.It           involves stimulation and gentle exercise in warm water at a constant                   temperature of 32oCelsius.




                 SPEECH THERAPY


 Speech Therapy room has a special software, Dr Speech, to improve       skills that allow a child to communicate more effectively.



Multi-Sensory Environment.

Time spent in this environment shows the increase in concentration, focuses attention, improves alertness, awakens memories, and improves mobilization, creativity, social relations and communications, and general awareness of the surrounding world. The varied optical, acoustic, olfactory and tactile stimuli help hyperactive children concentrate and focus better.



        It helps to stimulate all five senses of the children.




                                                                             An Outdoor Sensory Park educates the children about various types of                                                                               surfaces by touching and feeling. This also improves their kinetic sense                                                                               and sense of balance.

Outdoor Sensory Park.     

                    MUSIC ROOM


        Music therapist addresses developmental goals in the following areas:           Speech and communication; Fine and gross motor; Academic; Social             skill; Behavioural; and, Social-Emotional.



                COMPUTER LAB



    Computer Lab has 5 stations with Clevy keyboard &Trackball mouse for          easy handling by the children with special needs. Computer literacy helps      such children in learning to use Assistive Devices.



(h)       Vocational Training.      Vocational Training Stns impart vocational training that helps children build skills which may assist them in attaining self –reliance. Few of them are as under:-

(i)         Stitching.                                          (ii)        Paper Bag Making.


(iii)       Lamination Station.

(j)         Life Skill Room.       Life Skill Room trains the children to manage their personal day to day affairs such as making the bed, personal hygiene, eating habits etc. This helps in training the children in ADL and DS.

(k)        Pet Park.       Pet Park teaches the children to care for the animals and adopt them as pets. This has a therapeutic effect on them.

(l)         Traffic Park.    Traffic Park educates the children about traffic rules, Do’s and Don’ts and meaning of traffic system/symbols. This proves to be extremely beneficial in teaching ADL.


(m)      Modular Kitchen and Dining Hall.          Children are served fresh & delicious meals cooked in the state-of-the-art modular kitchen.


(n)       Audio Visual Room.           Audio-Visual Room imparts computer-aided instruction (CAI) to the special children with the help of computer software obtained from NIEPID Secunderabad.

(o)       Athletic Track.         Athletic Tack assists in eliminating injury risk as most special children lack motor coordination.


 (p)       Occupational Therapy.     A Multi-Activity Work Station provides occupational therapy to enable children to achieve goals related to fine motor skills, sensory processing, activities of daily living and feeding.

(q)       Dance Therapy: Kids with special needs like Down’s syndrome have motor skill delays. Dance provides a fun way for children to improve physical coordination and proficiency. When we dance or exercise in general, the body releases endorphins. These hormones produce a calming effect and help relieve stress and anxiety.

(r)        Library & Resource Center: It is a repository of books and aids which assists the teachers in imparting better training to the children.

Placement Cell.       This cell works to provide suitable placements for children once they come of age and are ready to be rehabilitated in the mainstream society. Four special children have been employed as gardeners. Two with HQ 21 Sub Area (office complex) and two spl children have been employed as gardeners by AWWA Asha School itself.

Master Sourav Thakur                                   Master Ramesh Kumar


Master Rupesh                                                   Master Deepak


 It helps to stimulate all five senses of the children.